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Where there is great love there are always miracles.
Wila Cather

Children are miracles. Every age, every stage, brings with it new beauty, new discoveries, new heartaches, new triumphs, new love. There are so many moments that need capturing. When I see a newborn baby, I am honestly overwhelmed by what an incredible miracle that child is. The sweet, dimpled smile of a six month old can make an adult gush with baby-talk... or the chubby feet of a toddler as he takes his first wobbly steps. How wonderful is it to hold the hand of your little preschooler as he or she walks into school every morning? The bittersweet experience of being filled with pride at your son or daughter's growing independence, yet, already missing your baby as you hug goodbye. Finally, those preteens & teens struggling for their independence while still needing mom and dads reassurance. With every passing day, month, year... a new delight is revealed. What wonderful little gems these children are.

My oldest son is in college now. I can vividly remember those long nights rocking him as he cried and would not sleep. I remember thinking, "Will I ever sleep through the night again?" I remember a simple trip to the supermarket with my middle son always took twice as long time as it would have had I been alone but, boy, how I missed that sweet child when he finally went to pre-school! My youngest daughter is almost a teen. I remember her as a newborn, rocking in my arms, and looking into her beautiful face with tears in my eyes thinking that this would be my last baby. I have always loved photography, but it was the birth of my first child that made me understand how very important it is.

What makes a house a home are the loved ones that live in it. You cant stop time nor would you want to, but you certainly want to cherish every passing moment for they pass too quickly. A chubby, dimpled elbow, soft bare feet, a big, toothy grin, adolescence, senior year, family moments - it is my goal to help you capture those moments. My childrens portraits are the artwork that hang in our home, let me help you with your artwork. Let me capture your beautiful moments.